Google: the search engine giant is not only limited to perform search queries that return results. Other than being search engine, it offers much more valuable features and functionalities. Here, I am sharing the 11 important Google URLs that basically every Google user should aware of. Possibly these URLs can answer few of your questions regarding Google like can I sign-in in Gmail without having Google ID, What Google knows about me and many more. Somewhere, among these URL will reveal some interesting information and some URLs are going to be useful in your daily life. Let’s go through it.

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#1  Sign up for Google Account without Google ID

As we are aware that while creating an account with Google, Google mandates to sign-up with domain. But using this URL you can choose your own username with domain other than Yes, you can use yahoo, rediff, outlook, aol, etc id to sign-up with Google account. This is possible with the below URL. Create account using below URL for custom username.

#2  Get Relevant Ads

While surfing or searching on Google you would have seen Google Ads on various locations on web page. Some of the advertisements you see would be of your interest and with some advertisements, you have nothing to do with (Irrelevant Ads). To always get relevant and Ads of your interest, you need to do few settings and select categories of your interest using below URL. After settings Google will display ads of your interest.

#3 Avoid Losing your Google Account

Nowadays, mostly everyone use more than one Google Account. From which we have one main active account and remaining would be treated as secondary. Not logging in Google Account for 9 months would result in losing or time out for your Google Account according to Google Program Policies.  While maintaining multiple accounts sometimes we forgot about our secondary Google Account and it results in losing your account. What if, Google alerts you for logging in your secondary account when you are about to lose that account or What if you can extend the time out period from default? The answer is the below URL, you can easily set alerts, reminders for your secondary Google account.

#4 Know what you searched today on Google

Learn, what Google knows about you. It possibly Good to say that Google knows you more than anyone else. Your each and every search is recorded; your every video viewed on YouTube is recorded; your every clicks is counted and known by Google; Google knows every voice command you gave. Using this URL  you can easily check out all and thanks to Google for maintaining such transparency with users. You have full control over your data, you can delete it any time and ask Google to stop tracking your activity.

#5 Get copy of your Google Data

Google let’s you export all the data from various Google products which includes Google+, Hangouts, Contacts, Drive, email, calendar, etc. to your Hard Drive. Your data would be safe and you will never lose anything. Using this URL you can easily export your data to hard drive.

#6 Use Google Fonts

Google Fonts is the great collection of various fonts which would come handy when we need it for projects or website. One can easily import and can integrate Google fonts for project, website or for any other use. You can add these fonts using URL too.

#7 Shorten your URL with Google URL Shortener

With Google URL Shortener you can easily shrink your long URL into small URL. It also facilities you to track the number of clicks with much more analytical information. It could help tracking that whether the received user have clicked the URL or not. Google URL Shortner service is very useful.

#8 Know your location history using Google Map Location History

Do you know Google records all your location you visited using your Android Device? You Android Device with Google logged in send your location to Google. You can obtain this information using the below URL.

#9 Get all your saved passwords from Google Passwords

Using this URL you can get the list of Username and Passwords that you have entered on your Google Chrome or Android device in plain format. This link only works in synchronized browser or on your Android Device.

#10 Reverse Image Search using Google Images

Google reverse image search allows you to search by image instead of entering any keyword, phrase. All you need to upload the image and it will return results with similar images around the web.

#11 Get alerts using Google Alerts

If you want to get notification or alerts on desired topic than the below URL can help you for receiving alerts for the same. All you need to navigate to below URL and search for the term or select from suggestions provided by Google for which you desire to get alerts for. It will alert you via email.

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This is not the end yet for Google URLs, but these are few of the basic important Google URLs that all the basic Google users should know. If this article helped you than do share with others. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.