Cyber security also known as IT security or computer security, which deals with information and designed to protect the information systems from online theft and damage or unauthorized access. Everyday lots of cyber attacks are taking place and tons of information or data is compromised.

With the increased cyber attacks, organizations take steps to implement cyber security for protection. The myths or fiction that is being believed should be minimized or separated from truth. Everyone should be aware of these myths and should ditch believing now.


#1 If I have Antivirus installed & updated I am secure

This is the most common myth exist in the mind of users. It’s true that virus detection software protect you from the numerous threats and attacks. But, it only protects you from the known threats signatures that exist in their database and it lack protection from newly emerged threats. Hence, you are vulnerable to new threats.

And other than only the virus threats, users also face Trojan, social engineering, worms, denial of service, etc types of attacks. It cannot protect you from web-based attacks, DDOS, application base attacks.


#2 We don’t make online transactions so we are risk-free

Avoiding online transaction won’t make you risk-free. As long as you are connected to network and you have set of records, you are at risk. An attacker can gather the information about you and can use it steal your identity and what not.  Also he can hold your system to ransom and demand to pay to release the important data.


#3 We would be alert if attacked

Yes! You would be aware or notice about the intrusion if the attacker is willing to disclose that you have been intruded or attacked by pop-ups and infinite messages or by any other action. But some choose to spy and harvest information or demand ransom. The hidden attacker may spy and prepare for more effective attack.


#4 No important information is stored on my PC, so why to worry?

Everyone who browses the web, they do have important information stored but they are just unaware. Many let their browsers to remember the login credentials, right? You also browse emails and access your social media accounts and what not from web. It’s easy to say that there is no information stored on PC but is these things mentioned above are negotiable? Cyber criminals gather and assemble the information and can use to steal identity. Or he can sell it on dark web. They can also conclude their malicious task using your PC other than your information.


#5 Cyber-crime is all about banking fraud

It is obvious that you would have got an overview from the above point that cyber-crime is not only about stealing or doing fraud of only banking details. Grabbing and assembling information about you or business could be sold to the competitor.  Or it can be sold to the identity thieves or on dark web.


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