Apple’s product launch event has just wrapped up. Incase if you have missed the event, refer our article that cover everything Apple announced at the event on Apple’s Event September 2016 Announcements Summary. If you have recently moved from Android to iOS than one thing you would desire to get in iOS is the File Manager like Android, but, iOS lacks File Manager.

Well, here in this article the 5 apps can enhance your iOS experience much better. One of the apps will help you get the File Manager like Android.  While other apps would help to achieving desired task in one or other way.

#1 Document 5 [Cost: Free]

Document 5 app for iOS would provide you a whole new File Manager, which is not integrated by default in iOS. Now, iOS users can also have the File Manager like Android with Document 5, so users can save the files in the appropriate category and can explore various files easily. It has made easy to switch between local files and cloud services. It is available for both iPhone and iPad.

Apart from File Manager it facilitate you with a feature to work on same document simultaneously on iPhone and iPad along with easy and accurate document/files transfer. To make it work, both device should have Document 5  app installed and it should be connected with the same network.

Document 5 can view office documents, search inside documents, Edit text files, manage your files, Copy Docs from Mac or PC, Password Protection, Sync with iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive and many more features.


Document 5 iOS apps

Image by Document 5 App


Document 5 is the best app ever to manage your iPhone or iPad

#2 1Blocker [Cost: Free]

Unlike other Ad blocker 1Blocker is an Ad blocker but additionally it is bundled with many useful features. Other than blocking ads it has 38K pre-installed blockers and mostly can be configured. You can easily block Ads, tracking scripts, block comments, various social media network and many more by just tapping a switch. You can also create your own rules for resource blocking using its inbuilt editor, hence it is fully customized and one can create their own blockers.

The company says that “In multiple independent tests, enabling 1Blocker decreases page loading time and total downloaded data on average by over 50%. 1Blocker will save not only your battery life, but also your mobile data traffic.”

1Blockers is available for both iPhone and iPad. Don’t just jailbreak your iPhone to enjoy utilities like Ad blockers.

1Blocker iOS apps

Image by 1Blocker App


1Blockers is the ninja of Ad blockers.

#3 TextGrabber [Cost: $4.99]

TextGrabber, the name itself is self explanatory. It grabs/saves the text from virtual display or from any printed material. It allows taking pictures of the text from 60+ various languages and allows you to edit it. You can also hear it spoken aloud. Text via audio can be useful for visually impaired users. Translate the text into 100+ languages (In-app purchase) and you can easily share it via SMS or on social media. All the text you extracted from captured doc is automatically backed-up and can be found in the history folder.

TextGrabber is available for both iPhone and iPads. You can grab the pictures/text from Magazines, Newspaper, Notes, Documents, etc.  It is useful for all age users includes students, office employee, readers and most important the audio functionality for visually impaired users.


TextGrabber iOS apps

Image by TextGrabber App

TextGrabber grab text and takes it to the whole new level.

#4 Drippler [Cost: Free]

Drippler is all about getting personalized news feed based on your activity. Drippler will access and save your iPhone model, carrier, iOS version. Based on the information saved by Drippler, it will come up with device-specific news feed like iPhone fixes, Hacks, Tips & Tricks, reviews that is applicable to your device. Dippler will filter out the waste and serve you with useful results.


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“Drippler is available for both iPhone and iPad. Discover cool tricks, tips, and useful info for your iPhone or iPad. Get the latest tech news and stay up to speed with the most recent iOS updates.” says Drippler


Drippler iOS apps

Image by Drippler App

Drippler drips the purest and filters the rest.

#5 Gboard [Cost: Free]

Gboard is the keyboard app from Google for iOS. It is bundled up with GIFs, emojis, and Glide Typing and the most important is that it has inbuilt Google Search facility. You can search right from Gboard and send the results to your friend without leaving the app. You can search anything like news, articles, nearby restaurants, etc from your Gboard.

“We know the things you type on your phone are personal, so we’ve designed Gboard to keep your private information private.” says Google



Share your reviews and experience regarding these apps via comments. These apps can enhance your iOS experience with amazing features and functionality. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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