VPN is pretty well technology and has been in demand from long but still people around the world have vandalizing myths. These myths result in taking the false decision while selecting best VPN.

Here, in this article i have described 5 common VPN myths. Before going though this article, if you are lacking enough in understanding VPN then go through my article on What is VPN?

#1 VPN makes you anonymous

Generally, there exist a misunderstanding between Privacy and Anonymity. But actually both are far different terms. Anonymity is defined as being unidentified and unnamed over the internet whereas privacy is defined as being behind the enhanced level of security but not being unidentified or getting unnamed over the internet.

VPN makes you anonymous is a myth and you should stop believing this. VPN can always provide you enhanced level of security, privacy over the internet. VPN encrypts your data end-to-end but different VPN use identical level of encryption protocols.

#2 VPN doesn’t log data

This is something that lots of people is in belief that if the VPN provider says that it does not log data, mean they does not log your data. It’s a myth. I am not addressing the all the VPN, but as per my research on various VPN; I have experienced that they do log some data of the user. It could be true that few VPN providers promise that they log your data for the desired period i.e. 30/60 days. After that period they promise to delete the data. So overall, they do log data.

Here I have a scenario. If VPN providers do not log the user data, then what about your login credentials. Without it you cannot use VPN. If you are facing the issue, than without the data provided by the user they cannot troubleshoot or able to solve an issue. Prevention of abuse might also not possible without the logging of the data. Without logging the data VPN providers cannot improve the service and improve user experience.

#3 Free VPN available then Why use paid?

Nothing comes free. Everything comes at a cost because somewhere they are also paying for the servers. Free VPN providers collect data as a cost.To use free VPN, you yourself giving you the information as much as they want because it is free. They might sell data because from at the end profit is the concern for them. If the company offers a privacy product does not mean that it keeps your data private. Free VPN flood with lots of ads.

#4 VPN slow down the internet connection

This myth relies on various scenarios. If you are using the free VPN then obviously there would be lots of user on the single server and each user consume amount of bandwidth. As a result, it slow down the response time and slow internet connection is experienced.

VPN speed is same as your internet speed, but all it depends on the bandwidth allocated by the remote VPN server.

If the premium VPN is used than the VPN providers limit the number of user per server. So that each user can consume the bandwidth efficiently and not slow internet connection is experienced.

#5 I am using VPN so I can do anything illegal and cannot be caught

This myth is much popular among the emerging ethical hackers (newbies) and not only them, there are lot more who thinks that they can do anything online and could not be traced back, if they are using VPN. However, VPN do log your activities and they will provide the logs to the Legal authorities if demanded because no VPN provider wants to shutdown the company.


Prevention is always better than cure. These are the common myths among a normal internet user. I hope you understood very well. If you have any query, feel free to ask in comment and stay safe online. Are you willing to stay anonymous online than this is for you; How to Stay Anonymous Online. Keep yourself aware and updated with Tech Tunes. Subscribe for direct updates right in your inbox.

Note: VPN can also leak your Real IP

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