Internet! You surf everyday online. There are lots of websites that is proved useful for individual and some websites do not. Well, useful sites is being remembered or bookmarked for the later use. But there are certain sites that are quite amazing and people won’t stumble now and then to such sites. So, here we have accumulated certain amazing websites that is useful, amazing and enjoyable too.

#1 Two Foods

7 Amazing Websites you Never knew it Exists

Well, everyone wants to be healthy and have goals for being healthy. So to achieve this goal you always need to take care of what you eat. Suppose you have two type of food to eat and you want to eat the food that matches your health goal. Confusion, right? Here on Two Foods you can easily compare the two foods and decide what to eat as per the results.

[ Two Foods ]

#2 Date To Date Calculator

7 Amazing Websites you Never knew it Exists

If you want to calculate the desired duration among two dates than Date To Date Calculator is the best utility you can use. Additionally you can also get the number of seconds, minutes, hours, weeks in the results. Cool, Right?

[ Date To Date Calculator ]

#3 Account Killer

7 Amazing Websites you Never knew it Exists

Many times it happens that you want to delete or deactivate certain social media account or any other account. To do this you would stumble upon certain option and settings in your account, but what is if you get direct link for removal or deletion of the desired account. Your efforts to find the option for removal or deletion would be reduced to minimal.

[ Account Killer ]

#4 Online Etymology Dictionary

7 Amazing Websites you Never knew it Exists

Online Etymology Dictionary gives you the history and derivation of the desired word. It is the very good source to know about words in depth, it provides quite useful and emphasized information.

[ Online Etymology Dictionary ]

#5 What The Font

7 Amazing Websites you Never knew it Exists



WhatTheFont helps you identify the fonts used in the image. All you need to upload the image which have text in use to know which fonts are used. Once you upload it, it will look in their database and return the appropriate results.

[ What The Font ]

#6 Fake Name Generator

7 Amazing Websites you Never knew it Exists

Suppose you want to generate fake identity, but somehow it’s hard to fill all the details asked to register somewhere. Fake Name Generator does this for you, it help you create the whole new identity.

[ Fake Name Generator ]

#7 10-Minute Mail

7 Amazing Websites you Never knew it Exists

This website will help you create the temporary or throw away e-mail. It will generate random email address for you which is valid for 10 minutes to use. Go get now. Trace email now.

[ 10-Minute Mail ]

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Hope you stumbled on something new and amazing websites that might have helped you. If this article helped you than do share with your friends. Keep sharing. Stay tunes to Tech Tunes.