Google Chrome: one of the most popular and most used web browsers that powers thousands of extension to use from. You can easily use number of extensions to enhance your productivity. Other than productivity extensions there are extensions on Chrome store which are categorized under Utility, Productivity, Fun, Social & Communication, Accessibility and many more.

You can extend your browsing ability with the use of numerous available extensions. Here, we have picked up 7 Google Chrome extensions that will definitely help you to revamp how to work. Well, you would like to know about “Browsing Private Websites on Chrome’s Incognito Mode” Is it safe enough?


#1 RescueTime for Chrome & ChromeOS


Everyone spend lot of time surfing the web for personal and professional purpose. Have you ever wondered that while surfing or browsing the web we waste a lot of time by doing irrelevant activities. Hence, we do not know because we are not tracking. To avoid wasting of time and boost our productivity RescueTime for chrome extension can come handy.

RescueTime tracks your activity and give you a clear crystal picture about what you are doing all day. This can help you to better manage and improve the productivity by avoiding unwanted activity. The important feature of RescueTIme is that it automatically understands that when you are away from the computer and it stops tracking. It categorize your activity and gives you a graphical view of how productive you was today. You can anytime pause RescueTime or delete anytime.


7 Chrome Extensions to Revamp how to Work


#2 StayFocusd


StayFocusd chrome extension helps increasing your productivity by limiting the amount of time to the time-wasting websites. You sit down at the computer, and you swear you’ll be productive. Next thing you know, it’s twelve hours later. You’ve checked your email, updated your Facebook status, blown through 200 pages of Reddit, read every article in your Twitter feed, looked up your favorite band on Wikipedia, vanity googled yourself, cyber-stalked your ex, browsed through all your high-school crushes’ Facebook photos, and lost a week’s pay playing online poker. says StayFocusd and its damn true.

Well, by using RescueTime you can easily figure out the time-wasting websites. Now, with StayFocusd you can limit the amount of time to certain non-useful websites. Suppose you allotted 30mins to facebook(.)com. Once you utilize those 30mins for facebook(.)com, what StayFocusd will do is block the facebook(.)com for the rest of the day. With this you can realize that I have waste my 30mins. StayFocusd is highly configurable and easy to use.


7 Chrome Extensions to Revamp how to Work


#3 Crystal


In business communication plays an important role. A single mistake in communication can mislead the entire expected outcome. How would you communicate with the person you came in contact for the first time? How would you know him? Well, first conversation should be impressive to deal further.


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Crystal chrome extension helps you in creating good impression while conversation. Crystal analyzes public data to detect the personality of anyone with an online presence. With this analyzed data, crystal will guide on what to write and what not to write. You can even visit the full profile and learn the best way to communicate with the end person. Click on view personality on social media while browsing to view his crystal profile.


7 Chrome Extensions to Revamp how to Work


#4 WiseStamp


We all use email signatures and are static. All we do is set the email signature once and never bother to modify until its hardly required. Or sometimes you need to modify email signature daily and to modify it manually could be a daunting task. With WiseStamp chrome extension it is easy to get the dynamic email signatures.


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WiseStamp empowers Gmail & Google Apps email, Yahoo Mail, Aol Mail, Outlook .com, Hotmail & Live mail for adding dynamic signatures. WiseStamp enables you to share your social profiles and promote information like allows you to link your social profile, promote your post, share your latest tweet and much more you care about in every email you send.


7 Chrome Extensions to Revamp how to Work


#5 Chrome Remote Desktop


Chrome Remote Desktop allows the users to access your PC remotely. It works as a remote desktop connection. You can make your PC available for support or you yourself can access your PC from the remote location. It is fully cross-platform available for Windows, Mac, Linux right from the Chrome browser. All connections are fully secured. Well, you can also access your own PC from remote location using your Android Smartphone


7 Chrome Extensions to Revamp how to Work


#6 Rapportive


Suppose you received a mail from someone. Now, you will try to know about that person if you are not in touch, by searching for his online presence and doing it all manually is a good waste of time. What if his details get displayed on the same page? Cool! Right?

Rapportive chrome extension will show you everything about the contact in your inbox itself like who is he, what he does, social profiles & much more. This will help you grow your network, build relationship. But rapportive is only limited to Gmail.


7 Chrome Extensions to Revamp how to Work


#7 SessionBox


Are you using multiple accounts and using different browser? If yes, stop now. Because using websites with multiple accounts is made easy with SessionBox chrome plugin. Your sessions are managed by SessionBox and are securely synchronized between your devices by SessionBox account.

Protect your privacy. Tabs managed by SessionBox do not use shared storage, variables are handled by the extension. Other tabs and websites therefore cannot monitor your activity. says SessionBox


7 Chrome Extensions to Revamp how to Work


Now, you can easily revamp how to work with the help of these useful chrome extensions and make your work easy and productive. Let us know in comments, how efficient these extensions are and how your are benefited. Explore how you can boost Google Chrome. Keep sharing. Stay tunes to Tech Tunes.


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