Google provides various other services other than search engine. Not all Google products, tools, apps are known by everyone. I recommend you to read 11 important Google URL that every Google user should know and 7 Lesser known Google apps. Here, in this article i am going to describe about 7 Google Tools that you might be unaware of and its worth exploring it.

#1 Think With Google

Think With Google is the collection of various resource that is helpful for entrepreneurs,      industry. These are the findings, case study, interviews, Research study that could help the organization or individual on how to grow the business and generate various insights. A number of tools like Advertisement on different platforms could help campaigning your product.

7 Google Tools You Didn’t Know it Exist

#2 Google Trends

With Google Trends you can know what is currently trending or hot on Google search. It enable the user to explore the top chart as per the country and the year, resulting in various categories like Searches, People, Movies. With the explore function you can easily input any manual search terms and review its trends over time. It also provides the facility to compare the two search trends.

7 Google Tools You Didn’t Know it Exist

#3 Google Dart

Dart is the programming language originally developed by Google and made it open source under BSD license. Google uses dart to make the complex applications. Google Products like Google Adwords, Google Election, Google Fiber uses Dart.

7 Google Tools You Didn’t Know it Exist

#4 Google Public Data

Google Public Data enables you to search through various databases available from around the world which includes Eurostat, Statistics Iceland, U.S. census Bereau, World Bank and many more. Search for the term and you can select from the various dataset and you can easily filter by   relevant displayed categories like Age Group, Sex . You can easily compare the displayed data among countries.

7 Google Tools You Didn’t Know it Exist

#5 Google Keep

Google Keep is the note taking application, which helps taking notes and set the reminders. It allows you to keep notes, memos, add colors, pictures and many more. It is very easy to use and have user-friendly interface. It is available for Android, iOS, Chrome and Web version.

7 Google Tools You Didn’t Know it Exist

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#6 Google Correlate           

Google Correlate enables to find the various search patterns that relates with real-world trends. Google Correlate is the part of the Google Trends. It help performing keyword research for bloggers. You can easily compare between two search keywords. It displays results in the form of graph.

7 Google Tools You Didn’t Know it Exist

#7 Google Ngram Viewer

Google Ngram Viewer lets you search multiple keywords separated by comma, which charts frequencies based on popularity of the input keyword in the books. You can browse the keyword by the year range and it is also available in multilingual.

7 Google Tools You Didn’t Know it Exist

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