While being on Internet, when you read article or post on certain blog you might have came across the “Click To Tweet” quotes. Have you think, how bloggers have added the Click To Tweet box in their article or post, which allows you to tweet quote from the current article. Here I am sharing the ways to add the Click To Tweet Box in your article or post. To add Click To Tweet there are certain ways, here I have described few of them. Let’s first go through how you can do it manually.

The manual method is hard as it asks more stuff to perform. To add tweets manually you need to use the below URL.


Your message goes after ../?status=. Write your message here or most probably the quote you want the user to tweet. Below is the example for writing the tag to tweet.

<a href=https://www.twitter.com/home/?status=Thanks for being a part for Click To Tweet via @srcecde>Click To Tweet</a>

You are required to include the above tag in the html part of your post. And here you are done with the manual part for adding the Click To Tweet box.


How to add Click To Tweet Box in post using website

Using a website to tweet, is easy and effortless. If your blog is on WordPress than it is quite easy to add Click TO Tweet box. The website Click To Tweet provide a plugin for WordPress and its free. Download Click To Tweet Plugin for WordPress. Download and activate the plugin.

Goto Settings -> Click To Tweet. Here add the username of your twitter account without preceding @ and save.


How To Add Click To Tweet Box In Post


The tweet button will be added in the formatting bar in edit mode of any post. Click the tweet button from the formatting bar and it will pop up with dialog box. Add the message and Click Ok. Or you can add your message or tweet between [] braces manually.


How To Add Click To Tweet Box In Post


You can change the appearance of the Tweet Box by editing the .css file of Click To Tweet plugin. The path to edit the css file for changing the appearance is public_html/wp-content/plugins/click-to-tweet-by-todaymade/assets/css/styles.css

The another instance of website for Click To Tweet Box is Social Warfare Plugin. It is the paid plugin. But paying is worth. As it provide amazing features. The features like

  • Attractive
  • Loads Faster
  • Allows Customization
  • Provide custom tweets, sharable tweets, twitter cards
  • Provide deep insights and analytics
  • Quick & Responsive
  • The one I like most is that it is Developer friendly. So the developer can build upon it and extends the functionality of the plugin

If you don not like the plugin than Social Warfare facilitates with refund within 60 days without any queries asked. Get Social Warfare now.

This is how you can successfully add the Click To Tweet Box in your blog post. Explore more about WordPress and learn on securing your WordPress blog. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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