Waiting for the connecting flight or delayed flight on airport for few hours sucks. The Wifi service can come handy to pass the time. Of course who would like to pay for the Wifi service? And to use WiFi service at airports needs password.

Thanks to the computer geek & blogger Polat who understands and knows the pain of waiting without free WiFi. He created the interactive map that provides you free Airport WiFi passwords. The best thing is that this map is regularly updated. He asks his readers to share the passwords of the airport they visit to keep the map updated.


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This interactive map consists of WiFi name and certain description including WiFi name and password. All you need to click on the airport in the map and the details will be slide in.



Fortunately this map is also available offline for Android and iOS. Use this updated interactive map to use WiFi for free and say good bye to the waiting pain. Do share with others. Keep sharing Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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