Here you can optimize your browsing efficiency with the use of these Android Chrome Tips and Tricks. Google Chrome is one the best web browser. It is pre-installed in your android phone. So here I am going to show few tips and tricks that might you are not aware about and the tips that can boost your browsing capability. Go Pro with these tips.

1) Switch between opened tabs easily

If you are lazy enough for taping and selecting the opened tab, than here is the way. Just swipe left or right on the toolbar at the top of your chrome browser.

If you wants to see the number of tabs opened than you can easily see the numbers on the right. Or you want to view that on the stack view than just scroll down your Google address toolbar.

Android Chrome Tips and Tricks

2) Save your data usage with Chrome

This feature is gonna benefit to the user who have limited data plan. This feature compress the size of the webpage and results in helpful in reduction of the data usage.

To use this feature Go to Menu –> Settings –> Data Saver –> Enable it

Android Chrome Tips and Tricks

3) Play Game in Offline mode in Chrome

Getting bored, no games in your smartphone and no internet than here you can play a game available in your chrome browser. Here is the screenshot.

To start playing just tap the dinosaur and here you go.

Android Chrome Tips and Tricks

4) Access sites from your homepage itself

Getting bored to open chrome browser and type the URL than here is your cure. Save your favorite site on your home-screen and open your sites on the go from home-screen.

To perform this. Go to Menu –> Tap Add to Home Screen. And enjoy browsing from home-screen.

5) Found interest in reading and don’t have time than quickly save those in PDF’s to read later

Surfing around the web and got interest in reading or content of the site, and you get an urgency than you can save that in pdf and can read or access later.

To perform this Go to Menu –> Print –> Save

Android Chrome Tips and Tricks

6) Quickly know about the topic your reading

Suppose you are reading and quickly you wanna know about the words than just select that and google will provide you quick reference at the bottom.

To use this feature Go to Settings –> Privacy –> Touch to Search –> Enable it

Android Chrome Tips and Tricks

Hope you enjoyed reading, and now you can use this Android Chrome Tips and Tricks in your daily routine browsing. If this article helped you than do share with others. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.