With Androidify you can create your own Android character. They can be a family member or your best friends or anyone. Androidify is available on both web and Android version. You can give shape and size of the Android character and also stretch and scale. There are lots of options available for customization and modification.

Drag and manipulate

You can easily set the android character to big and small by dragging. You can set the size as per the character you wants to create. You can do this by simply tapping a finger on the various body parts, and manipulate it.

Body Features

Set the skin color tone by selecting from the available option. This can vary from light to dark and more colorful options.


Select the coat or top you want him to wear. It is available in both male and female variations.  Select pants along with varying shoes. Modify it to your favorite hairstyle with set of different colors. Wear caps and various options are available. And finally select moves and share.

Androidify YourselfAndroidify Yourself


Create one yours and share. Go Androidify. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.