If you suspect that someone is using your PC without your permission, than how would you find out? You would be worried that your confidential files or private media has been in the wrong hand? How would you confirm that what that unauthorized person has accessed on your PC? Had he attached the external drive to copy the data? These questions will buzz in your mind. But this is not to worry about. Yes, you read it right “not to worry”, here are the possible ways from where you can find out answers to these questions and you can know the activity of the unauthorized access. Here in this article I am sharing various tips to check the activity.

#Tip 1:

Check the Windows Log using Event Viewer

Click on start menu and type eventvwr.msc  and select Event Viewer from search results or press Window+r and type eventvwr.msc and press Enter

On the next screen Event Viewer window will pop up

On the left panel click on Windows logs -> Security

You would be able to see the logs in the middle pane (As shown in screenshot)


Is Anyone Using Your PC? Check Out Now: Top 5 Tips


You can also filter the logs as per your requirement. Click Filter Current Log on the right pane and the Filter current Log Window will pop up. You can select the duration of the logs in Logged: section, if you know the suspected time of the unauthorized login. Select Power-Troubleshooter in the Event sources:, as it will give the information about the sleep and wake time of your PC.

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#Tip 2:

Check out Recently Opened Files from Recent Places or from Recent (Recent Places and Recent shows different data)

Open My Computer and select Recent Places from the left pane (Recent Places shows the Folders which is accessed not the files)

To open recent folder press Window+r and type recent and press enter (recent will show you the files  and folder both which was accessed) Recent provides all data whereas recent Places only shows the accessed folder, not files. In the below screen shot you can easily see the difference.

Is Anyone Using Your PC? Check Out Now: Top 5 Tips


#Tip 3:

Check the connected or installed USB drivers for USB Devices

Here we will use a small utility named as USBDeview. This utility will help you list out the history of all the USB devices connected on your PC with date and time of plugged and unplugged of USB device along with much more additional information.


Is Anyone Using Your PC? Check Out Now: Top 5 Tips


#Tip 4:

By Date Modified

By date modified you can get the files which is modified in the desired time range. Suppose you have not accessed the PC on the certain days than you can filter by date modified of the desired day to know the files which was modified.

Open My Computer -> Press F3 and click on Date Modified

After clicking on Date Modified it will pop up with calendar. Select the desired day.


Is Anyone Using Your PC? Check Out Now: Top 5 Tips


#Tip 5:

Browser History

View the Browser history. Tip 5 is not efficient but works well in some conditions. You can check the browser history by date, which you are suspecting. This will give you the insight on the number of web pages visited on the desired date.

You can view history by pressing Ctrl+h on any browser to view history.


Is Anyone Using Your PC? Check Out Now: Top 5 Tips


Here was the top 5 tips to check out, who was using your your PC without your permission. With the help of these tips you can find the suspect activities. Use strong passwords to avoid these issue. You know Google knows about your more than anyone else? Don’t you believe? Check you What Google Knows About You Hope this guide helped you. Do share with others. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.

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