Reverse Image Search; the term is self explaining that search a visually similar images by image. Reverse Image Search engine is a type of search engine that does not need keyword or piece of text to search but instead all you need to upload an image or provide an URL to make a search. Reverse Image search could be used for possibly many purpose. Have you ever stumbled upon an image, and you want to know more about that image or you want to have more information on it and you don’t have words to search for it. So here comes the Reverse Image Search that will help you getting the information based on similar visual images.

Reverse Image search is also used for searching the copyright images re-usability or for the legal purpose. Certain copyright image that is restricted to reuse or distribute. Since, there are possibilities that someone might have reused it or modified it for reuse. So, you can check it out using the Reverse Search Image that when and where it is republished.

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With the help of Reverse Image Search engine you can easily find the visually similar images by just uploading a image. Here, I am sharing list of Reverse Image Search engine.

Top 5 Reverse Image Search Engine


TinEye is the most popular Reverse Image Search engine and it is used by millions of people around the world. It is free to use. TinEye is the first image search engine to use image identification technology over the internet rather than keywords or phrases.

Google Images

Google: the most popular search engine around the world. Google Images allows you to upload an image or you can directly enter the URL of the image to make a search and get the information too. It will return the relevant images with varying size.

Karma Decay

Karma Decay is only limited to indexing for whereas TinEye, Google Images index the entire internet. It helps reduce re-post on Reddit because Redditors get irritated from reposts at all. Karma Decay is primarily for Redditors. You can also filter the results using advanced search on Karma Decay.

Image Raider

Image Raider is the another Reverse Image Search engine which crawl Google, Bing and Yandex to find results using your given image. Unlike other search engine, Image Raider allows you to input more than one image, hence you can perform multi Reverse image search. It also help searching your image that where it has been republished or used. This could be more useful for legal purpose.

Multi-service image search

This is the basic Reverse Image search engine and does not have latest graphics, but the tools provided by it simple but effective. You can search the desired image based on different categories by just selecting them.

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Apart from this list, there are many more Reverse Image Search Engine. If this article helped you than do share with others. For query feel free to comment Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.