Browsing private websites like porn, prohibited content in organization, etc in browser incognito or private mode is not private or safe at all. It’s been true that browsing in incognito mode doesn’t save your browsing history. Users around the world think that browsing private websites in incognito or private mode is safe and they could not be tracked and are anonymous.

The browsers in Incognito or Private Mode does not store your browsing sessions, cookies, temporary files, history and disable add-ons / plugins. But not storing this information does not save you from being tracked or make you anonymous.


Why You should not browse private websites in Incognito Mode


The modern browsers like Mozilla, Chrome, Internet Explorer (Microsoft Edge), Safari, Opera comes with Incognito or Private Mode. But they only make ensure that they do not store the users browsing activity (History, Cookies, Temp data). Well, Mozilla and Chrome is pretty good at policy transparency. They clearly states that


Private Browsing doesn’t make you anonymous on the Internet. Your employer or Internet service provider can still know what page you visit -Mozilla

However, you aren’t invisible. Going incognito doesn’t hide your browsing from your employer, your internet service provider, or the websites you visit -Chrome


It means that your ISP, your company can always track and record your online activity and the web pages you are surfing upon. If using other browsers in incognito or Private Mode and you are pretty sure that you are not being tracked, than remember that your ISP can always track your activity though you are using the Private or Incognito mode in browsers.

If you are using any Google products while browsing porn or any other private website than Google can easily track your private browsing habits. Many sites like porn, dating uses Super Cookies.

Super Cookies are far different from normal cookies. These cookies are designed to store permanently on user’s computer and cannot be deleted in the same manner as normal cookies deletion takes place. These cookies can track your every browsing pattern and activity though you are not on that site after visiting once. It can record your whole session and reveal when you again visit the same site.

You should use VPN instead browsers Incognito or Private Mode. VPN bypass ISP prying eyes from your browser activity. Well, Opera browser comes with inbuilt VPN facility.

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