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Facebook goes down Worldwide

Facebook goes down Worldwide

Facebook goes black on Friday evening.  Facebook users from various locations in the world are facing the Facebook accessibility issue.  The business pages and the individual pages on Facebook have stopped responding to the users and greeted them with the error message. The website Down Detector shows that Facebook was down in various locations of […]

Facebook brings Halloween Reactions, Masks to Facebook Live

facebook live halloween mask

Facebook introduced a fun way to celebrate a Halloween on its platform. Facebook allows its users to to celebrate Halloween in a new way by going live on Facebook and react with Halloween reactions. Facebook provides a limited-edition Halloween-themed masks while sharing a live video on Facebook live. They also launched the limited-edition Halloween reactions […]

Lifestage: Facebooks’s app for youngster arrived for Android

Lifestage Facebooks app for youngster arrived for Android

Recently, Facebook released it’s Lifestage app for Android. Lifestage was initially released for the iOS users before few months. Lifestage is the teenager only app. Are you a youngster? If the answer is yes than, this is for you. If your answer is no, sorry! This app is not for you. After gaining some popularity […]

Avoid using these Banned Instagram Hashtags

Avoid using these Banned Instagram Hashtags

Instagram censor and ban hashtags that violates the community guideline. Instagram also bans the self-harm images and account as per their new community guidelines and states to maintain a healthy and positive community. Recently the hashtags like #kansas , #easter is being banned by Instagram due to content violated the community guidelines. When you search […]

Facebook Messenger allows multiple accounts on Android Messenger

Recently Instagram rolled out Instagram multiple account feature. Facebook Messenger introduced  multiple accounts feature on Android Messenger app in latest update, which will allow users to manage more than one chatting account. Read How to chat, when Facebook is banned! Facebook Messenger allows using multiple accounts sharing the same device. Worried about other user will […]

Instagram New Feature Lets You Switch Between Multiple Accounts

Instagram, the mobile-photo, video-sharing and social network app has recently enabled the feature of adding and using Instagram multiple accounts on your favorite Instagram app. By using and implementing this feature it enables you to add and use multiple accounts officially. One  can add up to 5 accounts and can easily switch between them without even getting […]

Facebook banned? Wants to chat? Try Facebook Messenger Web

Facebook banned? Wants to chat? Try Facebook Messenger Web

Working in Industry? Facebook is banned? Wants to chat to your Facebook friends? Then here you go. Facebook , the world’s leading and most popular social network who has 1.59 Billion active users on Facebook each month. Also the WhatsApp, the popular messaging app have 900 Million active users, 800 Million on messenger, and 400 […]