Data breach of well known services is trending. Hackers are seamlessly gaining access over millions of user credentials. LinkedIn, myspace, tumblr, Adobe are few of the popular networks that had faced data breach in recent years. The stolen user credentials are made available through third-party sites or they are available for sale on dark web. But, how could you ensure that, Is your account exist in data breach?

Do you know, Cookies can track your browsing session though you have deleted cookies

Don’t worry you can easily ensure that have your account been hacked in any of the data breach by hackers. All you need to do is enter your email id and search. Data breach that occurred years back can also trouble you, so it is not necessary that data breach occurred in past does not hold your account.

Ah! Your account credentials exists in data breach?

Maybe or Yes or Not. Really? Let’s check it out now.


Haveibeenpwned website accumulates the leaked user credentials from various sources and store at one place and provides ease in finding the hacked account. It also allows you to find the leaked accounts from sensitive data breach which includes adult, dating sites. You can also set the notification for your account email, so that if your email id exists in any data leaks than you would get the notification or alert. All you need to do is, navigate to Haveibeenpwned and enter your email id in search toolbox and press enter to search. It is free to use and get notifications.

How To Check If Your Account Was Hacked in Mass Data Breach


Like Haveibeenpwned, BreachAlarm also accumulates leaked data at single place and helps you find your email that whether its exist or not in leaked data. It also facilitate with email notification on breach. But it also comes with many features which are offered in paid plans. To check, navigate to BreachAlarm and enter your email and press enter. BreachAlarm will mail you the results rather than showing you below on the same page like haveibeenpwned.

How To Check If Your Account Was Hacked in Mass Data Breach

To avoid misuse, regularly change the passwords. Avoid being hacked by these tips and stay safe online. If this article helped you than it’s worth sharing with others. Let us know in comments about your reviews. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.