Today, the honest bloggers who are doing hard work to create the online content for their readers are becoming the victims of content theft. Anyone can easily copy the content from their website and paste it on their website. This might create the major issue in terms of seo ranking. Sometimes search engine like Google, Bing, etc. might consider the copied content as original content and this results in de-ranking the original content. Hence it cost a lot to bloggers in terms of users coming through organic search. Here I am sharing the guide to check content for plagiarism and here i have share the article on  what actions you can take against content Plagiarism.


How To Check Content For Plagiarism


How To Check Content For Plagiarism

To check content for plagiarism, there is online utility/website which helps in finding the content theft. You can check by using

Copyscape comes with free and premium version both. Initially you can go with the free version and if you want more insights on content plagiarism than go for premium version. In order to check just goto the Copyscape and enter your website or blog and click Go. In free service your searches will be limited, so if you are not planning for the premium version than perform your searches carefully.

How To Check Content For Plagiarism

Once you Click Go, on the next page of the copyscape you will find the duplicate contents mentioned if any, along with the URL. What you can do? You can contact them and report for duplicate content. In upcoming article I will share actions against content plagiarism.

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