When you want to make your website or blog live than you need to host it. But before you host it, you should have a good overview about the hosting provider. Choosing the right web hosting provider is important.

Well, if you are unaware about what is web hosting than please have a quick look on what is web hosting? There exists many various types of hosting plan but you have to choose as per your requirement that proves efficient and reasonable. Let’s have quick look on various hosting plans.


Shared Hosting / Individual Hosting

This is one of the most affordable plans for those who are willing to host the personal or newly content blog/website. Once can start with this plan and later on he can upgrade the plan as per the requirement. In shared hosting there are hundreds and thousands of websites hosted on the same server. Individual directory is assigned to each user in which individual user can place or upload the website files in their assigned directory. Each and every resource is shared like CPU time, Memory, Disk Space, etc.


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Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting host only single website on single server and it comes at a costly price. There is no sharing of resources. You have full control over the server. No other accounts reside on that server.  It is most powerful and expensive.


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VPS Hosting

VPS (Virtual Private Server) comes between shared and dedicated hosting. VPS is a virtual machine created on Physical server.  CPU time, Memory is shared among all users in the machines but the desired amount of resources is allocated to each unit that is not shared by everyone.  Hence sharing is less and you have separate allowance or space. This is expensive than shared hosting but powerful than shared hosting.


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Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting is like combination of Individual and dedicated hosting. It allows the client to set up their own multiple plans. Well, this could be best for hosting multiple websites and for business too.


Which features to look for?

Hope you have a good idea about various web hosting plans now. Now, what features to look for when selecting the web host. Let’s explore.


Cost is the major entity to look for. Obviously you have decided a certain budget for hosting a business or personal website. There is lots of hosting provider selling their services at variant costs. Check out various plans and decide for which hosting provider to go for as per your budget, services and the features they provide. Choose the plan that worth your money instead of choosing the cheapest plan.


Tech Support

Tech support is something that everyone requires whether if you are new to web hosting or having certain years of experience. Check out various customer support contact they provide in terms of emergency. Suppose if you site goes down for unknown reasons than the hosting provider customer support should be available to you immediately. Choose the hosting provider that provides 24×7 supports with live person and not chat-bots.



Choosing the bandwidth and the business model depends on your requirement. Check the bandwidth they provide with the current plan. Different plans provide different bandwidth but always make sure that if you are going for the unlimited bandwidth than what are limits for the same.


Script Support

Before choosing the web host make sure that it supports various popular scripts or not like WordPress, Joomla. Various hosting provider supports inbuilt scripts like WordPress, E-commerce, Joomla. Ensure it supports with the hosting provider. In-built scripts makes easy to install for those who are planning to use CMS (Content Management System).



This is something more important than other features. Read the customer reviews on the web host blogs or on any social network platform. This will give you the actual insights about the services and the experience of the existing users. You will get an idea about that how company responds to various customer issues and what action they are taking.


These are some of the basic features that you have to look for while choosing the web host. Other than this there are many other features that you have need to ensure like storage, hardware, scalability and many more. If you are planning to host your blog or website using the content management system (CMS) like WordPress than share your issue in comments. We will try our best to reply the solution in the mean time. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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