You might be wondering why would you change your login page URL? The reason is, if you visit any WordPress powered website or any of your WordPress site than I would suggest you visit on your blog. And most of the site would result in opening the WordPress login page on the same URL. The sites which result in opening the WordPress login page are vulnerable to hacking.

As everyone else including hackers know your login page and this results in trying brute force attack, username-password guessing and much more to get the credentials. Also malicious bots are trained to visit the page to brute force. Hence, in future security concerns arose and you might pay in form of bad impression on consumer, also in terms of poor SEO ranking and what not.


How To Create Custom Login Page In WordPress


You don’t want to get hacked or trapped. Right? If yes, than create your custom login page now for your WordPress blog by following the below steps.


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How to create custom login page in WordPress

Step 1: Download and activate plugin to change the URL of the WordPress login page. Many plugins are available to rename your WP Login but I recommended Rename wp-login plugin as I have the hands on experience and I m satisfy with it.


Step 2 : To access this plugin goto Settings->Permalinks at the bottom of the page you will find Rename wp-login.php and in the login url text box you can enter the keyword or name instead of urlname as per your choice on which you want to access the login page as shown in screenshot.


How to create custom login page in WordPress


Here you are done with changing the default login URL to custom URL for WordPress login page. In my upcoming article i will discuss about various security features to implement for securing WordPress powered website. If you have any questions, feel free to drop comment. Keep Sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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