Google is one of the most used and most preferred search engine around the world. Millions or billions of search queries are fired each day on Google search engine by the users. It is probably true that Google knows you better than anybody in this world, if you are using Google search engine or any other apps of the Google. Google store each and every thing about the user searches, links they click, etc. Thanks to the Google for maintaining the transparency about storing the data. So where this data is stored and how can you access it? It’s not necessary to delete this Google data / Google history but if you are more concerned about the privacy than you should go for it.

What happens if you delete the Google history?

Generally, Google personalized the results for you based in your search and clicks. For example if you are clicking the All fiction books link instead of particular fiction book, than Google will personalized your results and will display List of fiction books instead of any particular fiction book. So based on your action Google will rank the web pages for you. Now suppose you are deleting your Google history than the results returned to you will be less specific and will be large result. So your favorite site might not be ranked and appears on top.

Have you made your mind to delete your Google History? If yes, let us get started.

We will start with getting and looking at the Data collected by Google

Let us look at the data first that is stored by the Google. Goto Google History Web If you are not logged in than login there. Enjoy your each and every point of data stored by Google. It is pretty interesting, isn’t it? On the left side there are many section, let’s discuss all in short.

How To Delete Your Google History


Web & App Activity – It shows search performed in Google Search Engine along with the keyword you types and the clicks you performed.

Voice & Audio Activity – It pops up with the voice command you fired using Google Voice. It stores all your keyword you had spoken and asked the Google Voice to execute.

Device Information – It displays the connected devices with your Google Account.

Location History – This is pretty amazing. It point out all the location on the map where you have been along with your connected device.

YouTube Watch History – Flash all the videos you have watched.

YouTube Search History – It come up with the keywords you searched on YouTube.

You can download your history and for that it will initially create and archive. Once archive is ready Google will mail you. You can disable Google from storing your information for the desired category you want. You can do this by

  • Tap on the 3 Dots in the right-top corner
  • Click Settings
  • Click Show More Controls
  • Disable the category you want by clicking on the switch next to category
  • A pop up will be displayed about confirmation
  • Click Pause

How To Delete Your Google History

This is all about going through the Google History and how to disable Google from tracking yourself. Now let’s go through our main topic of deleting the Google History.

How To Delete Your Google History

So finally you have made your mind for deleting the Google History. Follow the below steps to delete the Google History

  • Click on the 3 Dots on the top-right corner
  • The dialog will pop up with few options which is Today, Yesterday, Advanced
  • Click on Advanced
  • Select All time from the drop down list
  • Click Delete
  • A pop up will be displayed asking for the Confirmation. Click Delete

Note: You need to delete or disable separately for all the individual section sections. Repeat the action for each section separately.

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By deleting the history you have still not achieved the privacy from the Google. You are still visible to Google unless and until you are using any Google services like YouTube, Gmail, etc. You can achieve your privacy by using VPN. Here are the Top list of VPN (Recommended). Know How you can stay anonymous online. You can also use the alternative to Google search engine. Know which are the search engines available around the world and what are the exciting features they provide.

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