Recently I came to know that dot’s ((.)period) in Gmail address does not matter. In fact, in Facebook, LinkedIn mail address also dot’s ((.)period)does not matter.  But periods are not ignored by all email service provider but Gmail does. Google intended to do it differently when they launched Gmail. This is in use by Google since a long, but it’s convincing that I came to know today and in fact how many of you still does not know? Sounds funny, right? It might be possible that many of you reading this might be aware but many do not.

Yes, it is true that Gmail ignore periods from the address. Hence as per the Google’s post it says that

From the above, we can say that however if you place periods or ignore periods from the Gmail address, still you are going to end up accessing your account. Suppose you receive the mails that you think is not intended for you and it is mistaken by sender in address. And if the periods are mistaken than surely it belongs to you only. So here periods does not matter, if you place or not or you misplaced. Finally it will end up in right receiver’s inbox.

Till now, I gave importance to periods and I think that it will really end up in someone else’s inbox if periods are misplaced or ignored. But right from now I wonder that it’s really meaningless atleast in Gmail. But don’t be in assumption that other e-mail providers have no importance for periods. It would be hard to implement this feature for the old e-mail providers as it could be a complex and time consuming task.

I tried it on various email service providers like Yahoo, Hotmail, Apple, AOL  but here dots (.) matters. You cannot misplace or ignore periods in these service provider address. I also experimented on social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Below I am categorizing these.

Periods/Dot (.) Matters : Yahoo, Hotmail, Apple, AOL, Instagram, Twitter

Periods/Dot (.) Does not Matters: Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn

I guess this is good idea to ignore periods from address. What do you think? Post your opinion in comments. Also if you are using different service, you try as well there and let us know in comments. Hope you enjoyed reading the article and known something new. Don’t miss to share with your friends. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.