Google, the most popular and widely used search engine around the world. We use it every now and then. Well, have you ever wondered what Google knows about you? Here are the 7 links or URLs that will show what Google knows about you.

Your Full Google Search History

Google records each and every search made by you along with the clicks you do on ads. The full Google Search History information is available on:


Get information about the apps and extensions that are accessing your Google Data

The account activity page of your Google account provides you the list of applications and extensions that are using your data. Explore the permissions given to the desired apps and extension from here:

Your Location History

When using Google maps in your phone, it may send location to Google. Look  out your full location history here:

Security and Privacy report

Google provides you full activity report and it depict about your each and every activity. It offers you a monthly report that will be sent to your email. You can explore  your activity here:

Ads Data

Google collects our data for serving relevant ads. You can view and control your information here:


This is how you can get the information about your data that is collected by Google. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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