Working in Industry? Facebook is banned? Wants to chat to your Facebook friends? Then here you go.

Facebook , the world’s leading and most popular social network who has 1.59 Billion active users on Facebook each month. Also the WhatsApp, the popular messaging app have 900 Million active users, 800 Million on messenger, and 400 Million active users on Instagram each month.

Facebook provide the separate messenger app in smartphones in order to chat with your friends from smartphones. You can surf the Facebook but if you want to chat with your friends than you have to switch to the separate Messenger app. Messenger is not only limited to smartphones but it also has the Web Version of Facebook has not much publicize for the web version of Messenger.

As in almost all the industries/organization social network is banned. But here you can go pro with Facebook messenger for Web version. You can chat with your friends by logging into the Messenger web version with your Facebook credentials.

What you can do with the Messenger web version?

  • Reach to your friends instantly. Obviously you can know that your message is delivered or not. So that you can get sure about your conversation happening.
  • Calling feature, you can also make a call across the world and of course its free. But you can charge for you data plan or the Wifi connection.
  • You can easily send the location to your friends. Spot a meeting and much more you can do this with the web version of your Messenger.
  • As sometime you might have your hands busy in doing something else. So here you can also send voice messages over the messenger and complete your conversation.
  • One of the most important feature of Messenger that you can send money easily and securely. Also you can pay for a friend.

Try out now, and go pro. Keep Sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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