Facebook Messenger recently introduced the Multi Account feature. Now, Facebook Messenger lets you to share the music without leaving the app with your friends. Messenger users can now enjoy music sharing from the Messenger itself and users will retain to Messenger.

To start enjoying music sharing head over to More (…dots) option on your Messenger in iOS or Android. Scroll down to Spotify. If the Spotify is not installed than it will pop up with install option. I already installed than tap on the Spotify and search for the music you wants to share. Once selected you would be returned to the Messenger app, with the cover image of the Track.

Facebook Messenger enables Song Sharing through Spotify

When any of your receiver will tap on that cover image, he would be redirected to the Spotify App to listen. Unfortunately not all country users can use this feature because Spotify is not available in all countries.

With this feature you can easily share your favorite music with your friends, without leaving the Messenger.

Will you share music using Spotify? Let me know in comments.

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