Facebook Messenger has an addictive game, rolled out in latest updates. Far from all new features of Messenger, Facebook Messenger has an hidden basketball game bundled inside itself. This feature has rolled out with its latest updates. Now play a small little game in your Messenger, while describing your feelings to your friends.

With starting of March Madness, Messenger rolled this small but amazing hidden feature. And it’s a Basketball game. It’s hidden unless you come to know how to find it? And this game can be found with your favorite Basketball emoji.

Facebook Messenger Hidden Basketball Game

Here is How to find Facebook Messenger hidden Basketball game

  1. Update your Facebook Messenger to latest version. Update now to enjoy this exciting hidden feature.
  2. Now, send a basketball emoji to you friend or anyone.
  3. Tap the sent basketball emoji, and it will pop up a game
  4. Here you go

The interesting thing is that you can play this game offline. The score will reset if you miss the basket. If you are playing with friend than it will show your score in the chat.


Facebook Messenger hiden basketball game


It is not the first time the Facebook Messenger has introduced the game. From early February Facebook Messenger allows you to play secret chess game. The chess game in Messenger can be played by command. You can start the chess game in Messenger with the friend by sending “@fbchess play”. You can only play this game through commands. You can get the detailed help for hoe to play game by sending “@fbchess help” command. It’s quite distinct. You can brush up your chess playing skills.


[one_second]Facebook Messenger hidden Chess game[/one_second][one_second]Facebook Messenger hidden Chess game[/one_second]


It is not over yet. There is one more feature which is quite beyond the cuteness, the people like to see and watch. Send @dailycute command to your friend. And get the cute pics, powered by imgur.com. This will just refresh you and share happiness. Each time you send this command, it display cuteness along with a quote differently.


Facebook Messenger Daily Cuteness Hidden

Start playing now. Enjoy new features. Now along with these wonderful games Facebook Messenger launched secret Football game by celebrating UEFA Euro 2016 soccer.

Hope you enjoyed new features of Facebook Messenger. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.