Today, Facebook Messenger has rolled out the group calling feature in Facebook Messenger. This update has rolled out for both Android and iOS users. The phone icon will be available in the next 24 hours in both Android and iOS says Messenger Chief David Marcus. To use this feature tap on the phone icon to initiate the group call and you can select and deselect the number of participants for making a group call.

Facebook Messenger is adding frequently new features like basketball and chess, addition of chat bots and much more. For now only audio group call is introduced in Messenger and it is limited to 50 friends. You can make a group call with maximum 50 friends at a time. Like audio group call has introduced, video group call feature might have a chance and would be expected to be introduced in near future.

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Facebook is trying and is making messenger All-in-one, which retain the users from switching to different app for the different purpose. Messenger is becoming more powerful and might replace the standalone apps with Messenger.

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