As promised in past post on How to Check Content For Plagiarism, here I am sharing the guide on how to fight against content theft. Content theft has become the major issue for online bloggers. Honest and hard working bloggers became the victim of the content theft/plagiarism. Many bloggers does content theft in order to increase traffic on their blog from the well known blogs and they do not even bother to give backlinks to the original content. Hence this leads to the great loss to the hardworking bloggers. But somehow you can fight them back by using the guide I am sharing.

Before fighting back for content theft, you need to identify first the copied content. You can identify by using various tools like Google Alerts, Copyscape or manually searching for the same article title you wrote.

Google Alerts

Create the Google Alerts to get the alert for your intended keyword or title. Every time the matching titled article is published you will get an email. So by this you can easily keep track for the articles, but its get hard to monitor each and every post if the number of post is more and keep increasing. But it is useful.


CopyScape, you can use copyscape to find the content copied and published on other blogs. Read How to check content for plagiarism for more detail on copyscape.


How To Fight Against Content Theft/Plagiarism


Suppose now you have found the blog that did content theft now you can take various measures to fight content theft back

Contact Blog Author

Contact the blog author, notify him for the content duplication or ask him to put backlink to the original content through email or contact us form.

Perform Whois

If you did not get any response, try searching for the foe website hosting service. Perform Whois Lookup and find the webhost provider and report to them. They take the content theft very seriously. Provide the detail description of the content along with link and published time.

Google – DMCA complaint

Suppose the site is using Adsense to generate revenue from the website than register the complaint on Google Adsense – DMCA complaint.

Report for content removal on Google Webmaster Google will check the content duplication and if found issue than Google will take necessary actions.

If your website is powered by WordPress than there are necessary plugins can benefit against content theft

Tynt Insight for WordPress

Tynt gives the insights of who is copying your content. By using this plugin when anyone copies the content, than along with the content the link of your blog is copied.

Download Tynt Plugin For WordPress

WP content Copy Protection & No Right Click

The plugin saves your content from being copied by other authors. Disable Right Click, Protect from copy and selection, Disable certain keys and much more. It is available in free version with limited features and pro version with extended features.

Download WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click

WP content copy protection

The plugin will protect your text, source,images, video, audio from being stolen. It gives protection from right-click, selection and copy, save, viewing source code, various key used with Ctrl and much more. This plugin also comes with free and premium version.

Download WP Content Copy Protection

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This is how you can find the copied content from your blog and take preventive measures along with how you can avoid content duplication with the help of various plugins. Hope this content help fighting against content plagiarism. Share if found helpful and useful.

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