Are you wondering to start a blog or website and lost in deciding the appropriate theme for your website or blog? Did you liked some website’s or blog’s WordPress theme and wants to know which theme is used on that website or blog, than you are at right place. Search for perfect themes never end but still you can get the satisfactory themes.

Here I am sharing various ways to find the themes which is being used by the websites or blogs and than you can easily download and use that theme. It’s likely possible that the theme you download might not be same as you are viewing in the website. Because they might be using the modified theme. But still you can have your half work done and you can modify the desired theme as per your need. Check Latest Theme Recommended for you


Guide on finding the WordPress Theme Used by Website

Checking Manually

One of the most preferred method to check the WordPress theme is by checking the source code of the web page. Not necessary that it always work because some owners might remove or change the theme credit information. Follow below steps to check.

  • Visit the website/Blog, of which you wants to check
  • Right click and select View Page Source
  • Find style.css and click to navigate
  • On the top you can see the Theme name and Author URL


Checking through 3rd party utility

This is the easiest method to check the WordPress Theme of any website or blog powered by WordPress. This method could be most favorable among non-technical users. There are many services available online to fulfill this task. Different online services shows or reveal varying information. Some utility will show the Theme details along with plugins used on the website or blog. Some might show only theme details.The below online utility could come handy for theme detection of any website pr blog.




This is how you can check the theme of any website or blog powered by WordPress. If you find any other way to detect the theme than do share via comments. Subscribe for direct updates right in your inbox. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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