When wondering of online earning through advertisement from your blog or website, the first thing strikes to mind is the Google Adsense. Google Adsense is one of the most popular and trusted program among bloggers and website holders, for advertisement. Google Adsense is much strict in following the policies, if any blog found violating the policy than the account gets banned instantly. I was also not got approved for the first instance, but later on I got. So here I am sharing what I implemented to get approved my Google Adsense account approved along with required steps to be taken.

If you are unaware about Google Adsense than without wasting time your time read my previous article on What is Google Adsense?

Why your application for Google Adsense get disapproved? These are the possible reasons

  • You blog/site does not comply with Google Adsense policies
  • Insufficient Content in post
  • Lacks user-friendly interface
  • Inappropriate content
  • Copyright violation

To overcome these issues and get your blog/website approved with the Google Adsense, below I am sharing the required and important steps to be taken:

Minimum 35-40 post or article

Your blog or website should contain a 35-40 quality articles. Remember the quality articles, the post/articles should not contain content copied from any other online source. Write your post/articles in your own words. Google Adsense is very intelligent don’t try to mess or you’re your application will be rejected. Google Adsense wants the article that user love to read.

Minimum 5 Pages

Try having minimum 5 pages for your blog/site. Every page should contain at least 5 post/article under the desired page section. This will give a good impression, and your website will look structured.

Having below pages will give positive impact,and it will help your account getting approved quickly, because Google Adsense always wants to know your identity and who you are.

  • About US
  • Privacy Policy
  • Terms of Usage
  • Contact Us
Should not contain prohibited content

Your blog/site should not contain any prohibited content, that violates policies of Google Adsense. Know the content prohibited by Google Adsense from here. If it found any violating content, you will get instant disapproval. Make sure about this before applying for it.

By implementing above three things I have got the approval from the Google Adsense which was rejected for the first instance.

Here are some Add Ons, which you can have along with above three rules

  • I strongly recommend to have your custom domain (www.yourdomain.com)
  • Still there is not a concern about the traffic to get the Google Adsense approval
  • Use meta-description and alt tags in your images. It’s a good practice which will also help your blog/website to rank better
  • Try not to implement any other Third Party Ads on your blog/website before applying for Google Adsense. This is not necessary but highly recommended
  • Try having your blog language as English

Notice: Google AdSense has specified that the Indian and Chinese AdSense Publishers required to have owned their sites for at least 6 months.

Is your blog/website approved? Know how to get started with Google Adesense

Let me know in comments, if your blog/website gets approve by following these steps. If found useful, share with your friends and help them getting their blog/website approved.Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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