In mid February Google’s Gmail introduced the feature of Gmailify. Now, Gmail have come up with more two new features that can help increasing the productivity.

Frequently using GMAIL app for checking and responding emails? If yes, GMAIL has introduced the two new features of rich text formatting and instant RSVPs itself from the mobile app. Google says that more than two-third Gmail users check email from their phoness, so to provide the best user experience Google introduced these feature.

With the Rich Text Formatting feature, you can easily add bold, Italic, Underlined, Colored and highlighted text to your email. By using this feature one can easily emphasize and make a point for what is important.

GMAIL introduced quick rich text formatting and instant RSVPs

Instant RSVPs (Répondez, S‘il Vous Plaît in French). With instant RSVPs you can easily responds to the poped up notification with just a single tap in the Gmail app itself. Google says “If you use Google Calendar or Microsoft Exchange, calendar invitations now include a one-tap option to show your schedule and respond. No more opening up separate apps just to see if you can squeeze in a meeting.”

GMAIL introduced quick rich text formatting and instant RSVPs

Google is frequently coming up with new features for the best user experience in the mobile.

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