In early last year, Google’s Gmail has allowed users to use their non-Gmail accounts in the Gmail Android App, like Yahoo mail and By allowing this, non-gmail users can use the powerful features of Gmail Android App like spam protection, inbox-organization and much more on their accounts, for those who don’t want change their e-mail address. So Gmail brings the feature called Gmailify, with Gmailify you can link your non-gmail accounts to the Gmail Android App and enjoy the tools of Googles’s Gmail.

You can link,, to your Gmail Android App. You can experience that you are actually using the With Gmailify you can use powerful tools like Spam Protection, native gmail inbox organization and even Google now cards based on your e-mail without leaving your current email address behind.

Gmail features for non-gmail accounts:

By this you can also letting the Google to scan your mails and have your data.

If you are already using the non-gmail accounts on your Gmail Android App, and if you want to use the Gmailify feature, than you can link as mentioned on Gmail blog. Generally its like, goto Gmail Android App, Tap Menu, head over to Settings, Tap the non-Gmail account that you want to link, Tap Link.

Of course, if you change your mind in future than you can unlink your account at any point of time.

Its and amazing feature rolled out by Google’s Gmail. Gmailify yourself now.

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