Facebook, the social media giant is serving more than a billion people around the world. You would be known that Facebook was programmed using PHP at the initial stage. Later on Facebook grew, so it became hard to manage such a big platform in PHP. So they might have start developing language, which should be accurate, free from flaws and speedy. Facebook, then developed and introduced Hack (The Programming Language). Facebook, the social media giant is already using Hack Language in Facebook. Many of you reading this might be knowing about this, but those who are not aware let’s see what hack is?

What is Hack?

Hack is the programming language developed by Facebook for HHVM (Hip Hop Virtual Machine). It was first introduced on 20th March 2014. HHVM uses JIT (Just In Time) approach to run Hack and PHP. Hack is an Open Source language. Hack is similar to PHP or we can say that it is an dialect of PHP.

Hack offers both statically typed and dynamically typed language support with lots of additional features. Facebook says

Hack has deep roots in PHP. In fact, most PHP files are already valid Hack files. We made a conscious choice not to support a handful of deprecated functions and features that were incompatible with static typing (e.g. “variable variables” and the extract() function). We have also added many new features that we believe will help make developers more productive.

The structure of Hack Language is similar to PHP with few changes. A hack script start with <?hh . Like PHP, HACK and html cannot reside in single file.

HACK is publicly available on http://hacklang.org/ . You can also find tutorial for the same on hacklang. Already a Social Media giant Facebook is running their whole platform on HACK, so ultimately HACK language has achieved the great success and popularity. Try it!

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