On October 27, 2016 Apple did a keynote event for introducing and announcing its latest New MacBook Pro. Well, the change made to new MacBook pro is not acceptable by all. Apple keeps headphone jack but ditches USB ports. Apple replaced function keys with new Touch Bar, an OLED touch bar on the top of the keyboard. It is designed in a wonderful way that it can be configured based on the application that is running on the MacBook pro.

The OLED touch bar is great but the frequently used and most important Escape key has gone missing from the new MacBook pro. It is not going to be a mess for the Desktop users, as magic toolbar is not introduced for Apple Keyboards yet but it is mess for the Apple laptop users.  The Escape key is not actually missing yet. You can easily remap the Escape key with another physical modifier keys like Caps lock Key, Command Key, Option Key or Control Key on your new MacBook pro.


Steps to remap Escape to a Physical Key in macOS Sierra


  • Navigate to System Preferences
  • Click Keyboard
  • Click on Modifier Keys on the right-bottom
  • On the next screen it will let you remap the Escape key with any of listed physical keys
  • Suppose you want to remap Escape with Caps Lock Key than select Escape from the drop-down list next to the Caps Lock Key
  • Click OK


How to Add Physical Escape key on new MacBook Pro


It’s better to remap Escape with Caps Lock Key, as it is least used key. Now, it’s an easy way to remap the Escape key. It’s recommended to learn that how you can reassign the Escape key, because in the upcoming new Macs the Escape key will be missing. Apple could ditch other things too in future. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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