CloudFlare provides one of the best CDN (Content Delivery Network), for the better optimization of your website. While adding your domain to the CloudFlare there is no downtime you will face. And your website will load faster as it cache the content of your website. If you do not know that What is CDN? You can go through my previous post – What is CDN? Benefits of CDN

Step by step guide for How to add your website in CloudFlare:

I assume you already created the account in the CloudFlare. If not Sign Up here. Login to your CloudFlare account. Add your website and click Scan DNS Records


How to add your website in cloudflare?


Now the CloudFlare will scan your DNS records, it will take some time. Once the scanning is finished, click on Continue. Now in this step it will ask you to verify the DNS records than click Continue. Here you can also add the new DNS records. Click on Continue.


How to add your website in cloudflare?


In this step it will ask you to select the Plan. You can choose the plan according to your requirement.

[highlight background=”” color=””]Note: You can only create maximum 3 Page Rules in the Free Plan. But still it is OK for the initial startup. Select your plan and click on Continue[/highlight]


How to add your website in cloudflare?


In the last and final step you need to change your Name servers. You can change your Nameservers from your control Panel. change the Nameservers and click on Continue. Now CloudFlare will verify your changed Nameservers.


How to add your website in cloudflare?


Once your name servers successfully gets verified, now you can successfully set the page rules and would able to perform much more settings.

By adding your website in the CloudFlare you will get extra layer of security. It would become hard for hackers to find your real ip address, instead they will get the ip address of the CDN servers.

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