IMEI is the International Mobile Equipment Identity, consist of 15 digit code which uniquely identify the mobile device. IMEI number of cellular phones are stored in the database of the GSM network providers. Suppose if your phone is reported stolen or it is not type approved the IMEI number is marked invalid.

Changing the IMEI number fakes your device identity. Generally, people change the IMEI number of the stolen devices, or they can use that for faking the recharge apps to take advantage of the bonus. One can also change the IMEI number if the IMEI number of the particular device is banned by the service provider, so by changing the IMEI number he can use the network services.


Before you change your IMEI number


  • Changing the IMEI, will void your device warranty


  • The most important: If you are changing the IMEI number of the stolen device, than it is total illegal. Stay away from that.


Note: This is only for educational purpose.

Step by step guide on How to change the IMEI number of iPhone
  • Know your existing IMEI number by dialing *#06# . Note down that IMEI number, as you may need to change it to default again.


How to change the IMEI number of iPhone




  • Start your iPhone in recovery mode. To do this press Sleep/Wake + Power button until Apple logo appears to be visible. Once it appears release only Sleep/Wake button  and within a moment it will display a itunes logo with cable. Now connect your iPhone to the PC.


  • Go to the installed/extracted files folder (i.e. C:\Program Files\ZiPhone\). Press Shift+Right click and select Open command window here OR you can also use cd command to go in ZiPhone directory.


How to change the IMEI number of iPhone


  • Type  ZiPhone in command prompt to see the available commands.


  • To change the IMEI number type ZiPhone –i a123456789123456 in the command prompt, where 123456789123456 is your fake IMEI number.


  • It will look for your iPhone and update the changes in 2-3 minutes and will reboot.


Seems tough? Don’t like commands? Let’s prefer GUI guide:
  • Go to the installed path (i.e. C:\Program Files\ZiPhone\) there you will see ZiPhoneGUI.exe file, run it.


How to change the IMEI number of iPhone


  • Navigate to Advances Features Section. In Baseband Functions, select Fake IMEI. Enter the desired IMEI number you want in the textbox. After that click on Perform Actions.


How to change the IMEI number of iPhone


  • Now it will search for connected iPhone, and perform the desired task within sometime, and it will reboot.


Once again i would like to highlight that this is only for the educational purpose. This guide could give an idea that, if your iPhone is stolen than how one can change the unique identifier (IMEI) of the iPhone.


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