Google Adsense is one of the best way to monetize your blog/site. Any one can quickly get started with Adsense and can easily place ads within their website. You can place Text Ads, Display Ads and Adsense for search to start earning from your blog. By implementing Adsense for search, the users can easily search fom your search bar which will result in the reduction of bounce rate. Know more about What is Google Adsense?

You can display the search contents on your blog/site itself or you can also redirect to Google page.

Here I have specified step by step tutorial for How to create Adsense for search Ads. Also learn about how to generate and place ad code in your website for monetization

1) Goto WordPress dashboard and create a new Page. Give the name search and publish. This will be needed in later part.

2) Open your Adsense account, Click on “My ads”. Select search option from the left panel.

Note: If you do not find the search option, than navigate to the “Other Products” in the left panel. From there click on “Apply for Adsense for Search”

How To Create AdSense For Search Ads & Show Result Within Site

3) Click on New custom search engine

Click on New custom search engine

4) Fill the asked details

5) In “What to search” option, select Only sites I select and provide the url of your website. You can see in screenshot for reference. Keep “SafeSearch” checked, if you do not want to display the adult content. It fill filter out adult content from the result if it is checked.

How To Create AdSense For Search Ads & Show Results Within Site

6) In Search results section, Goto Search results and select on my website using an iframe. Now insert the url of the page you created in step 1. (for ex:

7) Now click on Save and get code.

Here you will get two codes.

  • Search box code
  • Search results code

8) Create one Text widget and copy that Search box code in it, to display the search box.

9) Now open your WordPress dashboard and goto the search page you created in the first step and paste the code of Search results code in an editor.

How To Create AdSense For Search Ads & Show Results Within Site

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