Are you using Mac and willing to delete the user accounts in Mac? If yes, keep reading. Like Windows, Linux Apple Mac also supports multiple user accounts, with unique username and password for the respective user account. Multiple user accounts extend the user capability to use their own settings uniquely and it allows to save files separately which is only accessible by the desired user with correct credentials.

If you have login as an administrator user, than only you can delete other user(s) account. Standard users won’t have rights to delete user account. Well, here we will cover on how to delete user accounts along with the various options like weather you want to backup user data or completely wipe user data and one more from Mac. Well, if you have lost important data on your Mac, than you can recover your data back with just few clicks

How to Delete User Account on Mac OS

Click on Apple Icon -> System Preferences (Every Setting can be performed from System Preferences in Mac). Click on Users & Groups


How to Delete User Account in Mac OS X


Before you are able to delete the user account, you need to authenticate yourself as an administrator. To authenticate Click on Lock icon at the bottom of the dialog and authenticate as administrator by entering login credentials and click Unlock.


How to Delete User Account in Mac OS X


Once authenticated, select the user account that you are willing to delete (Srce Cde in my case) and click on (minus) button straight below in the same panel to delete the user account.


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How to Delete User Account in Mac OS X


Clicking on the button would give you three options to select from.

  1.  “Save the home folder in a disk image” will create the disk image (.dmg file) of the user’s data (home folder) of desired user account. The disk image will be stored on the /Users/Deleted Users/ directory. User can restore the data later from the Deleted Users directory.
  2. Don’t change the home folder” will leave the user’s data & information as it is in the Users directory without any modification. So the user can restore data if required later.
  3. Delete the home folder” will delete the user’s data & information (home folder) completely. Ticking the “Erase home folder securely” will erase the data & information forever and it could not be recovered by recovery programs later on. So no raw data could be recovered later.

By choosing among first two options would allow you to recover the user’s data & information later on. Now, choose the appropriate option of your choice and click on Delete User. Deleting the user account by choosing the third option is an irreversible process.


How to Delete User Account in Mac OS X


If you have deleted the user by choosing from the first two option than you can restore the deleted user account. Explore, how you can get notification when your Webcam is accessed on Mac. If this article helped you than do share with others. Keep sharing Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.

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