Keylogger; the name itself explains that Key Log, means it is used to log the key strokes, hence it is said as Keylogger. Keylogger is the malicious program that is intended to record each and every keystroke you press or type using your keyboard. It is not necessary that keylogger is only meant for the malicious purpose but it could also be for the legitimate purpose. Keylogger can be in two forms which is hardware and software. Hardware keyloggers are attached or fixed in to your PC, which can record each and every keystroke you hit. Software keylogger is normally a program that is mean to get install in your system for the intended purpose without the use of any hardware.

Well, keyloggers can be used by the hackers to steal your keystrokes which contain email, password, credit/debit card information, personal information and much more. The amount of information he can obtain from your keystrokes is enough to bring havoc for you. While, keyloggers is also used by the organization or company for their employees to track their activity during working hours, hence this is the legitimate purpose.

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Hardware keyloggers is not used widely because it has certain limitations like if you want to fix hardware keylogger on anyone PC than you need to access the opponent PC physically. Hence, you cannot always access the physical location of PC and its time and energy consuming. So here we have focused on software level keyloggers. Software level keyloggers can automatic send or email your recorded keystrokes to the host, while hardware keyloggers are limited to such functionality.

How to Detect Keylogger

Here, I am sharing two methods to detect the keylogger manually, If it is installed on your PC. Know your Control Panel thoroughly. If you experience some unusual activity then you should cross check for the installed software ASAP.

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  • Check for the installed programs in Control Panel. If you see any unusual program that is installed, immediately uninstall it.
  • Check for the process running in TaskManager. Open TaskManager and go through the running process. If winlogon.exe exist for single time than it is ok, but if it’s showing  the winlogon.exe more than once than possible keylogger is installed. So cross check and end the unusual process by clicking End Process.

Suppose, if you are unable to find any trace for the keylogger and you still suspect that keylogger is installed than use Anti-logger software like KeyScrambler. KeyScrambler will alter your keystrokes with random characters; hence hacker would get the scrambled keystrokes rather than actual keystrokes which would be of no use to him. Or scan your PC with anti-virus with the latest update definition.

How to prevent  Keyloggers from being installed

There are certain ways to prevent the malicious purpose intended keyloggers from being install on your PC.

  • Avoid installing software from un-verified publisher, because may be keylogger or some other malicious software could be bounded with that software
  • Use Anti-Virus. I personally use and recommended Microsoft Security Essential anti-virus, which is free and effective. Windows 8,10 users have inbuilt anti-virus named as Windows Defender.
  • Use Anti-Keyloggers  like KeyScrambler. I personally use and recommend it.
  • Protect your computer with personal firewall
  • Manually check your PC for hardware keyloggers


This is not the only ways to detect and prevent keyloggers, but this are some of the basic ways. If you have other way in mind than do share in comment. If this article helped you than do share with others. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.