Here in this post i am going to show you that how you can implement steganography. I have shown here How to hide text behind image  by implementing the concept of steganography. Lets see the quick overview on

What is Steganography?

Steganography deals with composing hidden messages so that only the sender and the receiver know that the message even exists. Since nobody except the sender and the receiver knows the existence of the message, it does not attract unwanted attention. Steganography was used even in ancient times and these ancient methods are called Physical Steganography. Some examples for these methods are messages hidden in messages body, messages written in secret inks, messages written on envelopes in areas covered by stamps, etc. Modern Steganography methods are called Digital Steganography. These modern methods include hiding messages within noisy images, embedding a message within random data, embedding pictures with the message within video files, etc. Read full article on Steganography here.

Lets take an example that If u want to pass any message or wants to carry any file behind any pic than, after going through this post you would successfully able to do this.

Below is the practical trick to hide text in image:

  • First make the notepad file of the text, u want to hide.
  • Select/Choose the picture in which you wants to hide.
  • Make sure that both are saved are same location.

Suppose your both files are at Desktop in xxx folder.

  • open cmd
  • Goto the desired path using cd command  
  • Type cd xxx once you reach on Desktop path
  • cd xxx
  • Fire copy /b image.jpg+ abc.txt

Now to see that hidden message or text, just open the desired image with notepad and at the end of the file you will find the desired message. Here you successfully implemented the steganography.