Installing the WordPress on your Windows using WAMP is like setting up an environment locally for learning or testing purpose. Locally, It is very fast and reliable, which results in fast development process.

One can also test their website or blog locally before making in live. Generally, developer use local environment to create the plugins and test them. Installing WordPress locally is only available to you and not anyone else.


What is WAMP?

WAMP is the Windows based software which provides development environment. With the use of WAMP server you can easily create the application based on Apache, PHP, MySQL database. It comes handy with PHPMyAdmin which allows you to easily manage the databases graphically. WAMP server is very easy to maintain and use. Hope you got the basics of WAMP sever and what is it. Let’s get started with installing the WAMP server.


Installing The WAMP Server In Windows

First you need to download the WAMP server. Download WAMP server. WAMP server comes in two variants which is 32 bit and 64 bit. Download the suitable for your operating system. If you are not able to figure out the system architecture (32 bit or 64 bit) than I recommend you to download the 32 bit software as it works fine in 64 bit architecture.

Once you download the WAMP server install it by running the WAMP server. Once installed start the WAMP server.To check, whether WAMP server is working or not, Open the browser and type localhost or and press Enter. If the WAMPSERVER Homepage is opened than its is working fine. Before we start installation of WordPress. One more thing is need to be done in order to install the WordPress.


Create Database For WordPress

You can create the database with the help of inbuilt utility called PHPMyAdmin. To open PHPMyAdmin, right click on the WAMP icon from the taskbar and click on PHPMyAdmin. Or you can also open by navigating to browser and type the url localhost/phpmyadmin

Once phpMyAdmin is opened Click on Databases option from the right pane. Give the name of the database in the Create database option (In my case it is wordpress_local) and click on Create.


Install WordPress On WAMP In Your Windows


And here you have successfully created the database for the WordPress


Installing WordPress on WAMP

Download the copy of WordPress from It would be in the zip file so extract it. Copy the extracted folder to c:/wamp/www/ . You can rename the folder as per your need. For example wpbegins, demo, etc. Here I have used wpbegins in this tutorial. Now navigate to the browser and type locahost/wpbegins or

It will pop up with the Welcome Screen along with information. Here it will automatically create the wp-config.php file. Click Let’s go!


Install WordPress On WAMP In Your Windows


On the next screen it will ask the database connection details. Enter the name of the database which you have created in the previous step (In my case it is wordpress_local). By default the name is root and leave password blank. Click on Submit.


Install WordPress On WAMP In Your Windows


On the next screen it will ask to run the WordPress installation. Click Run the install.


Install WordPress On Wamp In Your Windows


On the next screen it will ask the information about your website. Fill the information and click Install WordPress. Soon it will run the setup for your website.


Install WordPress On Wamp In Your Windows


You can now login to your Dashboard and manage your website at This is how you can install WordPress on WAMP in Windows. Learn more about WordPress here. Keep sharing. Stay tunes to Tech Tunes.


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