Are you serious about your blogging career? If yes, continue reading. Being a serious blogger your first priority is to provide the quality content to your readers. But along with quality the time factor is also important. Suppose your readers like to read blog articles in morning during tea time. So you should and would like to publish the article as per their reading time. If you fail than your readers might move to another source and results in some serious loss.

To publish article on same time everyday is feasible but it might happens that you might not be available for few days and this would have bad impact. So to overcome this obstacle, you need to schedule the publishing time of the article and of course you can do schedule in WordPress. Below I am sharing the manual way to schedule post and also few plugins that can benefit in scheduling post.


How to schedule post in WordPress

When you write an article or post in WordPress, on the right sidebar there is a panel of Publish. From that panel you can easily schedule your post. Click on Edit next to Publish immediately.


How To Schedule Post In WordPress


Schedule Date and Time as per your requirement and click Ok


How To Schedule Post In WordPress


Prepare your article and Click Schedule.


How To Schedule Post In WordPress


Here are few plugins that might also help you schedule post in WordPress

Auto Post Scheduler

This plugin will schedule auto post checks, which can help you in publishing new posts and recycling the old posts. So just define the time slot for recycling old post as well as publishing new post.


Publish To Schedule

As the name says, schedule your post for publishing. But the feature different from other is that you do not need to schedule the post individually for each. Schedule once and rest will work.


WP Scheduled Post

This will provide you the Admin Bar along with Dashboard widget showing all your scheduled post. It has the ability for choosing Category for your scheduled post. You can also style your Schedule widget in the upcoming update.


Automatic Post Publishing Scheduler

This plugin have number of time slots for publishing. Admin can allow or disallow for publishing of posts on desired day through simple interface. Any admin/editor can alter the scheduled date.


Easy Scheduled Posts

This plugin gives you rich user interface by providing WordPress widget and adding the lists of posts to the sidebar of a WordPress website.

The above was the tutorial for scheduling a post/article in WordPress and apart from that, the list of few plugins can help you in more efficient way. Hope now you can easily schedule post in WordPress. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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