Finally, you have the reason for transferring your blog from to is good hosting platform but it comes with price and certain limitations. In compare to, comes free and without any limitations. Since for a newbie to WordPress, there can be the confusion between and I recommend you to read my previous article on difference between and [with Infograph]

Here in this article I will share a step-by-step guide for transferring your domain from to along with all your content, without losing your SEO ranking, traffic and your loyal customers. Are you ready for the same? Let’s do it.


Steps to transfer blog from .com to .org


You should have account in self-hosting provider like Bluehost or Hostgator. WordPress recommends Bluehost. WPBegins users can get upto 50% discount and one free domain. Grab Offer Now

If you already own a custom domain than during signup process on Bluehost. Select, I already have a domain and enter the pre-owned domain name.


Export content from

All we do is to export content from the as the first step. To do this, sign into your admin panel at -> Click on Tools -> Export


transfer Blog from To


Here, you will be given two option on the next screen

1) Guided Transfer which will cost you $129

2) Free

Obviously you should Select Free..


transfer Blog from To


Choose All Content on the next screen. This will contain all of your posts, pages, comments, custom fields, terms, navigation menus, and custom posts. Now click Download Export File and an xml file would be downloaded.


transfer Blog from To


Setup WordPress on new Hosting-provider

You have exported all content and now you would need to import that content on your new hosting-provider you need to setup WordPress there. Once setup is done, you need to import that exported data.


Import Content on your new Hosting

In order to import content to your new blog/website Goto Tools -> Click Import ->WordPress


transfer Blog from To


Now, it will ask you to Install WordPress Importer Plugin. Do not worry about the warning. Install WordPress Importer Plugin. Every hosting provider have different upload limit. Bluehost allows upto 2MB by default. If your file exceeds the limit size than you can contact your hosting-provider for increasing the upload limit. Or you can do by yourself by editing the php.ini file. Now upload your .xml file and then in next screen it will ask you to assign authors. Assign appropriate author.


transfer Blog from To


Redirection from to

Redirection preserves your SEO and site ranking. Your regular visitors would be redirect to your new WordPress blog when they visit to your old blog. Site redirection comes at a cost, site redirection is necessary when you do not want your website visitors to hang on and your site have a good authority. If you have started new blog on and you decided to transfer to self-hosting than it is not recommended. To redirect Goto Store. It will redirect you to the new screen, select Settings from left panel. On the right panel under site address click on redirect.


transfer Blog from To


In the next screen Enter your new domain name. It will cost you $13/year.


transfer Blog from To


Note: If you already own a domain than all you need to update the name-servers of your custom domain.

This is how you can transfer your blog from to for free and without loosing any content. Keep sharing, Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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