Inbox by Gmail, adds the most helpful snooze options that can help you remind, about the mail later at your time. This feature has almost minimized the effort of setting the reminders manually. Suppose you are doing some important work and the mail is not so important than your current work than you can snooze that for viewing or checking it later.

These features are highly requested by the users, according to Google. When dealing with important work and cannot deal with the mail, than you can “Later Today” or “Tommorow” or “Later this Week” and many other options are available. You can choose as per your comfortable time.

The second option is like choosing the weekends, that are best suitable for you for the preferred mails. You can manually set your weekends, that’s work best. Google says This feature is especially useful for people living who live in places where the weekend spans different days of the week.

This feature will soon be appeared in the coming weeks, Google says.

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