Latest WhatsApp beta version exposes the Facebook sharing option. However, WhatsApp will soon bring a notable change in its app.  WhatsApp might come up with an Facebook sharing option in an upcoming official stable update, but may be all users would not like it.

However , this hidden option in the latest beta update reveal that the service will soon share the account information with Social network (Facebook) to improve Facebook experiences. Based on this it can be thought that it might track the amount of time you spend with individual contact on WhatsApp and based on that amount of time spent with the individual, the news feed will be populated on your Facebook timeline accordingly. Hopefully this might result in that you spend more time on Facebook.

This screenshots of the hidden option of the WhatsApp has been revealed by the Android developer Javier Santos using terminal commands on his Google+ page.

Latest WhatsApp beta build reveal Sharing option with Facebook

Screenshot by Android Developer  Javier Santos on Google Plus

Also, according to the another screenshot shared by Android Developer Javier Santos, the another hidden feature will soon allow the users to get notification , which will inform them that messages are exchanged in an encrypted form end-end. This option will make you feel safe and satisfy that your personal messages are secured on network and not being viewed by WhatsApp or any third-party.

Latest WhatsApp beta build reveal Sharing option with Facebook

Screenshot by Android Developer Javier Santos on Google Plus

But still there is nothing officially announced that when and when these hidden  features will be updated and available on your smartphone officially. Rumors has also surfaced that WhatsApp is soon introducing the video calling feature, but still again nothing is official.

For more updates stay tuned, will keep you posted.