Malware is the abbreviation for malicious software. Malware is a software, then what makes it malicious and is termed as Malware? The software which is basically programmed or designed to damage or infect the user computer for fulfilling the cyber criminals malicious intentions. The intentions to damage or harm the computer termed as malware rather than a software.

Malware access the computer secretly without the user knowledge. Cyber criminals intentions via malware can be used to steal passwords, user information, disallowing user to access his computer, stealing bank credentials or any other personal information. Malware is the generalized form of various threats like spyware, phishing, trojans, worms, clickjacking and many more to name them.


Malware – From where it comes

Malware is most likely to come from internet via hacked sites, free subscriptions, emails, network, online freebies. The unverified software, utility you download from internet.


Malware Symptoms

If your computer starts to behave strangely or a sluggish performance of computer are likely the sign that the computer is infected by malware.

  • Frequent pop-up advertisements all the time or pop-up bombarding on each site you visit.
  • Web browser contains additional toolbar or components that seems to be strange and you are pretty sure that you have not installed those components.
  • Default computer settings changed, and reverting back to default changes doesn’t work. Unwanted icons reside in tray.


Malware Removal

To get rid of malware (malicious software) a good anti-malware tools is required or you can install a trusted anti-virus software that contains anti-malware utility within it. Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool can come handy for Malware Removal.


Malware Prevention
  • Install trusted anti-virus and anti-malware software. Always keep anti-virus up-to-date. Schedule regular scans
  • It is good practice to avoid downloading and installing software from non-trusted sources
  • Avoid downloading non-trusted email attachments. Avoid clicking on unverified links. Avoid using public Wi-Fi
  • Back up your files and store it at multiple locations


Educate yourself with such cyber attacks and avoid being hacked or being victim of any scams. Spread the word of cyber security awareness with others. Stay tuned for more on cyber security. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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