Google knows about you, more than anyone else around you and it has each and every piece of information about all your online activities. Google; the tech giant have recently deployed its new tool named as My Activity. You can easily dig into it and know about your online activities. The tool is similar to Google History

Google tracks and records every piece of information about you. The data collected by Google helps to deliver target advertisement, based on your search history by Google.  Apart from ads, that data helps Google to provide you relevant, important and quality content.


Your all Online Activity Revealed with Google New Tool


Google new website My Activity will populate with large amount of data users which Google have. My Activity will let you browse your activity for all the Google products which include Ads, Android, Books, Chrome, Developers, Help, Image Search, Maps, News, Now, Play, Search. Video Search, Voice & Audio and YouTube.  It also has the feature for filtrate data, suppose you want to view the activity of any particular day than you can filter by Date, Month, Week, Yesterday, All time, Custom. To perform all this operation you need to login with your Google Account on My Activity.

You can also delete the collection of data from Google any time and restrict Google from collecting your personal data. Thanks to Google for the maintaining the decent transparency about the users data they are collecting.

You can easily view data with its rich interface features using Bundle View or Item View. You can control your activity or delete your activity with few couple of clicks. Thanks to Google for user friendly interface.

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