With the launch of Opera 40, Opera becomes the first browser to serve free and unlimited VPN within browser itself. Anyone can enjoy free and unlimited VPN with the inbuilt VPN feature in Opera browser itself. Opera have their own servers located at Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and United States which allows you to switch among varying servers and change browsing location. Well, for your interest Read on VPN providers have shutdown the VPN service in Russia after the servers seized

While you connect with one of the VPN server via Opera browser, it creates secure tunnel connection which is secure and encrypted. Opera claims that it store no-logs. “Users can also let the Opera browser intelligently select the optimal server location based on factors such as network speed, latency, location and server capacity. When in automatic location mode, browsing via the VPN is always at maximum available speed. Our free browser VPN secures all traffic through Opera (but not other browsers or apps you have installed).” says Opera

To take advantage of Opera’s in-built VPN feature, head over to

  • Settings or Preferences (in Mac)
  • Click Privacy & Security
  • Toggle free VPN

Once enabled, a VPN icon will appear in the browser from which you can switch among various location and toggle on or off by clicking on icon.

Other Features

Automatic Battery saving

When your laptop is unplugged it automatically enables the battery saver and the important thing is that it can be configured.


Chromecast Support

To use chromecast with opera, first you have to download and install the chrome extension from opera catalogue than you would be easily able to install Google cast extension from Chrome web store. Right now it is only limited to YouTube videos only.


Newsreader with custom RSS support

You can easily add any RSS-based feed you like and it will display the customized news for you. Click on News icon from left panel and click + button. Paste the RSS-based feed URL in search bar and it will check that it is valid or not. Add it after it is verified as valid.


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With Opera browser you can enjoy free VPN without any limits and it also minimize the effort of finding and installing free VPNs. And the most important is that it is ad free and an uninterrupted service. If you are unaware about VPN than read my past article on What is VPN? If you want to use premium VPN service than browse Top VPNs to go for. Share your reviews and experience for the same. Keep sharing. Stay tunes to Tech Tunes.


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