You could be a pro user of Mac OS X, or you might have recently switched to Mac OS. Well, there are lots of features to explore. If you love to perform every action using keyboard than this is for you. Mac OS not only facilitate with default system defined keyboard shortcuts, but it facilitate you with creating manual keyboard shortcut feature for each and every application you have installed on your Mac OS without using any third-party application. Windows does not provide inbuilt feature to create keyboard shortcut for application but Mac does.

Mac OS makes it possible to add new shortcuts for any action in menu bar. Follow the below steps to create new shortcuts for any installed application.

Add Keyboard Shortcuts in Mac OS X EI Capitan


OS X EI Capitan: Create Keyboard Shortcut for Apps


Launch System Preferences and navigate to Keyboard section.


Launch System Preferences and navigate to keyboard section.


In keyboard section navigate to Shortcuts tab. Click on App Shortcuts from the left pane. To add new keyboard shortcut click on + button below the pane as shown in screenshot.


Launch System Preferences and navigate to keyboard section.


Click on Application: drop-down and select the application for which you want to create the keyboard shortcut key. In my case I have selected Firefox.

In Menu Title, add the name that will appear in menu item. You can even give Firefox browser. Spell proper and that spell will be appeared in the menu item.


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In Keyboard Shortcut, type the keyboard shortcut combination you want to assign to the specific application (In my case Firefox). To add symbols navigate to Edit->Emoji & Symbols (or Special Characters in some version). Select Technical Symbols from left pane and you can find lots of symbols. Add symbols and finally click on Add. Now, you can gain your lost data from Mac with few clicks

This is how, you can successfully create new keyboard shortcuts for any installed app on Mac OS. Computer geeks who love to use only keyboards would love it. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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