Put tape over your webcam, warns FBI director. Well, it is true that it will turn on the light while the webcam is accessed and it is hard to bypass that but it is not impossible at all. So, before you get trap into any unwanted or unwilling things, cover your webcam with tape now.

Not willing to cover your webcam, than read on. Former NSA employee Patrick Wardle examined the possible malware that can record the audio and video from the infected machine of the user like OSX/Eleanor, OSX/Crisis, OSX/Mokes  and many others. As the solution to these malware infections he developed a tool that monitors your Webcam and Audio activity, which will warn you whenever your Webcam or Audio hardware component would be accessed by any other process. The tool is named as OverSight. The Oversight will display a pop-up dialog along with the process name that is trying to access the webcam or audio component, allowing you to choose to allow or deny.


Free tool that notifies whenever your Webcam is accessed in Mac


“Direct or proactive attempts to specifically bypass OverSight’s protections will likely succeed. Moreover, the current version over OverSight utilizes user-mode APIs in order to monitor for audio and video events. Thus any malware that has a kernel-mode or rootkit component may be able to access the webcam and mic in an undetected manner.” warns OverSight

OverSight is free and a most important utility for the Mac users. You can use this utility as an alternative to put tape on your webcam. Download OverSight now. Share your reviews for OverSight via comments. Keep sharing. Stay tuned to Tech Tunes.


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