Since Apple launched iOS 8 for iPhone and iPad, it merged a new app for the Health. This Health app provided by the iOS, documents the huge information about your health. This can also summarize the information for you, so you would not need to dig up more. So one of the benefit from this app is, that it  provide the summary information of your health on dashboard. You can still customize according to what you wants to see that make sense to you. The important threads of information like weight, resting heart rate, blood pressure, glucose level and much more you can see.

According to the information provided by the Health App you can also reschedule your next doctor visit, hopefully. Also you can record your all the test which doctors might do on you.

Now you might be wondering that, recording this huge information of your health might someday become a hurdle if the information is being sell or advertised. But do not worry, Apple prohibits to share this information and maintain the users privacy. And Apple says that your information in Health is “encrypted with keys protected by your pass-code, and never leaves your device unless you choose to back it up or grant access to a third-party app.

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Now, suppose if you do not want to use the Health app than you just cannot uninstall it, because it is pre-installed.

Setting up the two important features of the Health app:

Let’s take a situation here for better understanding. Suppose you just got unconscious somewhere. Than people around you might rush to help you. Later they will be looking forward to check your Phone to call someone for informing about you.

Now if your phone is pass-code protected, so there is a Emergency call option. So that screen you can set your few medical condition and the Emergency contact with the name.

  • Setting Medical ID

  1. Open the Health app.
  2. On the lower right corner there is  Medical ID
  3. Tap edit in the upper right corner
  4. Fill the appropriate information
  • Setting Emergency Contact

  1. Open the Health app.
  2. Go to  Medical ID
  3. Add your Emergency contact number with name

Note : The contact number you mention there, must be listed in your contact list of your iPhone or iPad.

Well, hope you achieved the deep insights on Health App in iOS. Use it efficiently. Let us know your reviews in comments for health app. Keep sharing. Stay tunes to Tech Tunes.